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How we can help...

We provide Health Promotion activities and education throughout the Riverina.  We have two programs we run throughout the Riverina:  Passport to Better Health – This is a 10 step health promotion/education community event aimed at community members 15 years and over.  We invite/work with existing services within the community we are visiting to assist us on the day.  Healthy lunch and free Passport to Better Health T-shirt is given to all participants who complete all of the 10 steps.  Riverina Schools Program – Session 1 - This program is aimed at students in Years 5 and 7.  We educate the students through interactive activities about the health effects of smoking, the ingredients in a cigarette, the importance of nutrition and the dangers of energy drinks.


We are available to attend your health promotion day.  We have numerous resources to educate the community on the health effects of smoking, we are able to assess a community members level of nicotine dependence, explain what is available to assist them in quitting, calculate BMI’s, provide information on portion control and eating a balanced diet. 


For further information please contact the Regional Tobacco and Healthy Lifestyle Co-ordinator on 0417 569 135